Alex Gives Thomas Head Video

This is an excellent video where we get to see Alex engaged in oral sex on gay porn star Thomas Dyk.   Both guys look extremely into this blowjob and it must have been good as it quickly lead to full blown fucking shortly after this clip.   In the full video found at Freshman X, Thomas Dyk has his ass penetrated hard by Alex.

Alex works that cock in his mouth like a champ, and Thomas seems to be approving of the skill set.

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Bottom Boy Thomas Fucked By Frank

Thomas Dyk is back again and this time he brought a new fuck buddy with him.  Say hello to Frank.   Thomas is super excited to get his mouth on Frank’s cock, and even more hot and bothered to get his dick in his ass.    This set from Freshman X gets right down to business and the anal sex is incredible.   No question both these boys know what they are doing in the bedroom.

Thomas Dyk Kissing Frank

Fuck buddies Thomas and Frank are engaged in a good long hard kiss which just causes them to get hard.

Thomaas Dyk Blows Frank

Get that cock Thomas!   He works Fran’s dick deep into his throat and he tries to go all the way.   Soon he starts to juggle the balls.

Thomas Dick Fucked Cowboy

Saddle up Thomas!   Climbing atop Franks big hard cock in the cowboy position, Thomas Dyk is looking for a good hard fucking.    Watch this gay porn star show you how its done as he bounces up and down like a kangaroo!

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Thomas Dyk Fucked By Alex

Well lets start this blog off with a bang, literally.   Today we got the gorgeous gay porn star Thomas Dyk and his buddy Alex wanting to get down and dirty for you.   In this set from Freshman X,  Thomas and Alex are relaxing on the bed when the passion heats up and before you know it Alex is blowing Thomas.   After returning the favor, its time for Thomas Dyk to open that ass for business because Alex is bringing the heat, and nothing can stop him.

Alex Licks Thomas Dyk's Nipples

Nothing like a little foreplay between two guys to get the party started.  Alex starts it off by sucking on the nipples of Thomas.

Alex Blows Thomas Dyk

Alex has unzipped his shorts and now has Thomas Dyk’s cock in his hand and now his mouth.  Blow that cock Alex!

Alex Ass Fucks Thomas Dyk

We find Thomas Dyk flat on his back, legs in the air and his asshole open and ready to be hammed by Alex.   The cock hits and penetrates which causes a gasp from the mouth of Thomas.   These two guys really fuck each others brains out.

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Thomas Blowing Michael Video

In this video featuring gay porn star Thomas Dyk, we get to watch this sexy stud as he is mid blowjob on his buddy Michael.  Thomas is attacking that cock like its the last cock he will ever get to have in his mouth.   I love that raw passion he brings to every blowjob and in particularly every fuck.   This video from Freshman X is no exception.

The action gets even more intense from here as Thomas flips Michael over and gives him the high hard one.

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Thomas Dyk’s Hard Cock

Another great solo set featuring the sexy gay porn star Thomas Dyk.    In this set from Freshman X, Thomas is clean shaved and a even a little bit of a baby face.   He definitely looks much different without the facial hair I gotta say.  Sit back with your dick in your hand as the beautiful Thomas strips out of his blue jeans so he can proudly display his hard cock to you.

Thomas Dyk Nipples

Thomas lifts up his t-shirt to expose his nipples to all of you.   I can’t keep my eyes off his hairy belly.

Thomas Dyk Hairy Ass

Down comes Thomas Dyk’s boxers.   Damn Thomas that is a great fucking ass.  A hairy ass at that.  Pretty impressive and I can see why he is a successful bottom in the gay porn world.

Thomas Dyk Hard Cock

Check out that hard cock!   I bet a lot of you are fixated on his peculated asshole.  Who wants first crack at that ass?  Thomas is horny all the time, so he is down for some sex almost at any point in the day, every day.   And boys, today is absolutely no exception.

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Ripped Stud Thomas Dyk

First thing you gotta see on Thomas Dyk is his absolutely ripped abs.   He is rocking the 6 pack like a champion.   Who wants to blow their loads all over that stomach right now?   I know I do.   In this set from Freshman X, Thomas slowly strips out of his clothes before grabbing his firm cock in his hand and stroking away.

Thomas Dyk Abs

Thomas flexes his arms above his head while his ripped abs pop out.   Gotta love the hair on his belly leading down to his treasure trove.

Sexy Thomas Dyk

Sexy Thomas Dyk has now stripped down to his boxers.   He has a present for us today.  What a package!

Thomas Dyk Jerks Off

Now naked, gay porn star Thomas Dyk wants to jerk off for you.  With his cock in his right hand, and his left hand spreading open his asshole, this boy is about to blow his load all over his pretty ripped abs.   After he is down spewing his jizz on his abs, Thomas gets a giant grin on his face.

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Lucas & Thomas Dyk 69

Who wants some 69 action?   Thomas Dyk and his buddy Lucas sure as hell do.   We walk in during the middle of their fuck session and they are currently engaged in some wild 69 dick sucking action.   These two gay guys are clearly loving every second of their blowjob action in this video.   The full video at Freshman X continues as these two guys end up diving deep into some ass.

Some great great close-up shots of them sucking cock were had, and if you watch the full video, you will see the same great close-ups of the ass pounding about to take place between Lucas and Thomas.

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Mike Delivers The Hammer On Thomas

Are you starting to notice a trend here with Thomas Dyk?   He is horny all the time and can’t get enough cock in his life.  This time he has a fuck buddy Mike stop on by for some hard hitting anal sex.  This time Thomas is taking the bottom position as he lets Mike deliver the hammer on his ass.   The full dick pounding action can be found at FreshmanX.

Mike & Thomas Dyk Kissing

Lips locked, these two gay boys are getting lost in the moment.   Wild fantasies and dirty thoughts are running rampant through their heads now.

Mike Blows Thomas

Thomas started off the task of getting hard by stroking his cock hard with his right hand.  Mike couldn’t hold off any longer and leans in to start licking the tip.

Mike Ass Fucks Thomas Dyk

Thomas assumes the position and sticks his ass in the air like a man in heat.  Truth is, he is always in heat.  Its one of the reasons he entered gay porn, so he could take a cock a day and sometimes more.   Mike took control of that ass and really pounded away on Thomas.

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Thomas Dyk Hammers Michael

It’s time for Thomas Dyk to take the top position again, as this time Thomas wants a piece of his friend Michael’s ass.  After some light petting and some deep kissing, the boys move on to some mind blowing oral sex.    Thomas and Michael, alternate giving each other blowjobs in the bed before Thomas said enough of that, and demand Michael roll over and present his tight ass to him.   From there the Freshman X set gets hardcore very quickly.

Thomas Dyk & Michael

Look at the chest on Michael.   I’d love to rub my cock all over those abs.   I think Thomas has the same idea in mind.

Michael Blows Thomas Dyk

Get at your prize Michael!   Thomas lays back and has his hard cock sucked on like it was a lollipop.

Thomas Dyk Fucks Michael

Michael rolls over onto his side and offers up his ass to Thomas.   This gay porn star doesn’t need to be asked twice before he takes over and goes anal.   These boys really start fucking, and by the end of the set, they both blow massive loads all over the place.

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Frank Blows Thomas Dyk

Thomas Dyk is already naked on the bed with his hard cock placed firmly in Frank’s mouth.  Today’s gay video features a great blowjob between these two guys, but its really only a small part of the full length hardcore fuck video found at Freshman X.  Thomas loves having his dick sucked so much, he can’t help but start jerking Frank off.

If you thought the blowjob was hot, then you have see the whole sex video in HD quality at FreshmanX.

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