Mike Delivers The Hammer On Thomas

Are you starting to notice a trend here with Thomas Dyk?   He is horny all the time and can’t get enough cock in his life.  This time he has a fuck buddy Mike stop on by for some hard hitting anal sex.  This time Thomas is taking the bottom position as he lets Mike deliver the hammer on his ass.   The full dick pounding action can be found at FreshmanX.

Mike & Thomas Dyk Kissing

Lips locked, these two gay boys are getting lost in the moment.   Wild fantasies and dirty thoughts are running rampant through their heads now.

Mike Blows Thomas

Thomas started off the task of getting hard by stroking his cock hard with his right hand.  Mike couldn’t hold off any longer and leans in to start licking the tip.

Mike Ass Fucks Thomas Dyk

Thomas assumes the position and sticks his ass in the air like a man in heat.  Truth is, he is always in heat.  Its one of the reasons he entered gay porn, so he could take a cock a day and sometimes more.   Mike took control of that ass and really pounded away on Thomas.

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