Thomas Dyk Hammers Michael

It’s time for Thomas Dyk to take the top position again, as this time Thomas wants a piece of his friend Michael’s ass.  After some light petting and some deep kissing, the boys move on to some mind blowing oral sex.    Thomas and Michael, alternate giving each other blowjobs in the bed before Thomas said enough of that, and demand Michael roll over and present his tight ass to him.   From there the Freshman X set gets hardcore very quickly.

Thomas Dyk & Michael

Look at the chest on Michael.   I’d love to rub my cock all over those abs.   I think Thomas has the same idea in mind.

Michael Blows Thomas Dyk

Get at your prize Michael!   Thomas lays back and has his hard cock sucked on like it was a lollipop.

Thomas Dyk Fucks Michael

Michael rolls over onto his side and offers up his ass to Thomas.   This gay porn star doesn’t need to be asked twice before he takes over and goes anal.   These boys really start fucking, and by the end of the set, they both blow massive loads all over the place.

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  1. bartdijkma says:

    does cute handsome thomas dyk make any new movies?

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